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Alan J. Zell, Ambassador Of Selling

Alan J. Zell, Ambassador Of Selling, has become nationally recognized for his expertise in advising businesses, services, educational, governmental, and organizational entities. Clients seeking his services represent a wide spectrum including accountants, investors, educators, chambers of commerce, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, associations, and non-profit organizations.

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About the Book

No book is written overnight. Far from it. For me, it has taken over 25 years.

In the mid 1970sn I had an idea for a different kind of book on selling because the books I had read were only from the seller's aspect yet from my 25 hears in retailing, there was a customer's aspect that was missing. Hence, my book was to be read in two directions – one was from the seller's point of view, the other from the customers' points of view. And their it sat . . . and idea but no way to put it into a book.. In the mid-1980s the Willamette University's Atkinson School of Business in Salem, Oregon, the students put on an Entrepreneurs Conference. I was asked to do a break-out session and was assigned a professor to assist me.

As we walked out of the room, he asked if I ever thought of putting these tenets of selling into a book. I answered him, facetiously, "Inside every fat man is a thin man, and inside every thin man is a book." He told me that my approach to selling would change not only the way selling was taught, but how business was taught. That's heady and scary for one who is not an academic.

Together, for six years, the professor and I worked on putting my approach to selling into book form using aspects from my workshops and seminars and the articles that were on my web site. The problem was how to arrange the topics or chapters in a logical order. It became "mission impossible" to decide what the order should be as any topic could be first.

To break the log-jam, I tried many different titles to see if that might do it. One was "Selling To People Who Don't Like To Sell." Great until someone said, "Alan, people who are not in sales do not buy books on selling. Since that would not work, I tried over 30 titles hoping that one would solve what to put first, second, etc. Listening on day to PBS there was a discussion and the term "elements" was used. Ah, I said to myself, using the theme of elements would solve the problem because it would allow readers to combine different elements as needed hence, the order of elements while helpful was not critical . . . and that's how Elements of Selling was born.